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Window Treatments

Nothing finishes a room like a window treatment, with so many options of window treatment to choose from, trying to find the perfect window treatments can be daunting. In order to decide what treatment would work for your window, first look at the style of your space. Look at the wall color, pick a color or pattern that you think would gel with your space. You can also choose your wall color from the color that is in the curtain.

Grommet Drapes

Featuring hand-pressed grommets available in 5 designer finishes. Perfect for stylish, modern interiors. Not ideal for frequent use.
Ships free in 10 days or less  - From $485.00 Custom

2" High Gloss Wood Blinds

The Perfect Accent 
An exclusive collection of high gloss, richly-grained premium hardwoods.  $175.00


Key Features...

  • 13 finishes to choose from

  • eco-friendly, sourced responsibly

  • includes a straight valance

  • ships free in 7 days or less

Woven Wood Shades

Our approach to woven wood shades? Mother Nature is the designer - we just try to stay out of her way. This exclusive collection of bamboo blinds and bamboo shades features only the finest weaves  $309.00


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