Sliding Doors/ aka Barn Doors

May 29, 2017

Barn Doors has become a part of Home Decor today.  Barn doors or sliding doors can be use as a closet door, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, any door opening that has space for the door to slide on a wall.  They come in all types of price ranges.  If you are handy, you can even build your own barn door.  I myself decided to put one in my bedroom as a bathroom door.  I ordered the hardware, and then my husband and I were going to build it.  What I did instead was stop at Habitat for Humanity and found one the exact measurements that I needed for $35.00. (below) All I have to do it paint it and add the hardware and hang it.  I saved myself quite a bit of money.  The hardware was $40.00 dollars, yes $40.00 on ebay; great quality.  You too can get the look for a lot less. You just have to apply a little elbow grease.

Above is the door I purchased from Habitat for Humanity $40.00.  I just have to give it some TLC, this is a heavy door, you can't beat that for the price. A door like this would cost a lot.  Below is the hardware that I am attempting to mount to the wall.  I ended paying under $100.00 for a door that would have cost me at least $700 to $1000.00 dollars.

 The Hardware which I am installing, you can't beat that for $40.00